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Mountain Berries

$15.99 - $28.99

You hydrate. We give.

  • Description

    With a luscious berry burst from real fruit, Mountain Berries entices your taste buds with smooth hydrating bubbles while boosting your immunity with elderberry and pomegranate extracts and essential vitamins, while skipping the salty and syrupy aftertastes from most vitamin and electrolyte drinks.

    Some common benefits from our independently certified hydration:

    • Reduced fatigue
    • Improved skin
    • Improved immunity
    • Reduced stress
    • More energy 
    • Healthier joints
    • Supports recovery 
    • Assist with weight loss
    • Improve mental function
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Hydration is an important part of living a vivacious and healthy life. That's why Bobelo includes the proper level of electrolytes and acidity balance so you can maintain optimal hydration levels, improve nerve and muscle function, and feel great.


Studies have shown that Elderberry, an excellent source of antioxidants and vitamins, can boost the immune system, fight inflammation, control infections, and protect our hearts.

Vitamin D

While known for its abundance in milk and generated through sunlight exposure, Vitamin D is not found in many other foods. Your daily value is important however, as it helps maintain strong bones, improve mood, and reduce depression.


Pomegranate contains more than 100 healthy phytochemicals and has been used in medicines for thousands of years. It’s a powerful antioxidant, has antiviral/antibacterial properties, and may enhance memory and athletic performance.

Vitamin C

Found in fruits and veggies, Vitamin C helps the body defend against free radicals, absorb iron, and strengthen its healing processes for wounds and controlling infections. Vitamin C deficiency can be a serious issue, even leading to scurvy.

Citric Acid

Found in citrus fruits like lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits, citric acid has shown through research to contain antioxidant, alkalizing, and anti-inflammatory properties.

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