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Beyond The Beverage

For decades, the beverage industry has been putting their efforts in all the wrong places. Plastic bottles litter our planet and few have made any efforts to change this. In fact, recent investigations show plastic containers are not being recycled properly. Plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and other plastic waste are polluting our Earth. By drinking Bobelo, you are actively taking a stand against plastic waste and contributing to a healthier, cleaner Earth. With each purchase, a portion of the price is donated to the Bobelo One Foundation that advocates for a better brain, body, and biome. Healthy ingredients contribute to a healthier you, and less waste contributes to a healthier planet--one drink at a time.

B Corp Certification

As a certified B Corporation, we use the power of business for social, environmental, and economic good. When you support B Corps, you take part in a global initiative to do business in a better way.


The powerhouse of your being. We are dedicated to improving mental health through better nutrition and creating a more welcoming beverage community.


The frame of your being. Our foundation focuses on communities suffering from the consequences of unhealthy food and beverage options in their communities.


The skeleton of your being. Because a healthy environment is the foundation of a healthy body, We fund or volunteer for projects designed to minimize and reverse the effects of pollution on our planet.

Bobelo One Foundation

Aims to connect lives with moments. Moments to do good for people and our planet so we can be one.

Giving Back

As a certified B-corp, we have a legal obligation to focus on positive impacts for our workers, customers, suppliers, community and environment.

Community focused

Bobelo is more than a drink; we are a movement. Improving community access to healthy and pollution-free drinks is just the beginning.

Our Footprint

The Bobelo journey began with a picturesque mountain view ruined by pollution. From the beginning, our purpose was to make great drinks that help, not hurt our environment.

We are Carbon Neutral

Bobelo went through a rigorous certification process to become Carbon Neutral.

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